Japan has a social issue, there are not many gravesites sites available around the Tokyo area and they are too expensive, many of them in local area have been closed and remained unsold. The reason is that lots of people have relocated to Tokyo and moved their family-grave from their home town. If there was a way to visit their loved one's grave from far away, there would be no need of purchasing an expensive gravesite in Tokyo.

Japan is a non-religious country. We get married in a church ceremony and in death we follow the Buddhist way. Though it was hardly unusual to call a Buddhist priest of their family graveyard belonging to the temple to carry out the ceremony, it is usual to ask a monk who the deceased and the relatives have not met before to attend the funeral ceremony because they tend to have just a grave site and no temple.
I would like to give a chance for the deceased to meet the monk or the preacher or the priest or the rabbi, etc before dying. From the viewpoint of people of religion, it might be good opportunity for mission work to recruit members.

The 2017 animated Pixar film Coco and the theme song “Remember Me” told us that the culture of grave-visiting is common globally and remembering is the most important service for the departed. The concentration of the population in large cities is a common issue as well and there is an imbalance in grave marketing.

Utilizing such technologies as AI, Robotics, Drone can introduce a new memorial style and a thoughtful, considerate way to honor the departed and his/her soul.

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