Ceremony-Mobile Business

Ceremobi introduces new memorial services. People all over the world can pray for a departed soul though the grave is far away. Furthermore, we offer services regarding upkeep of the final resting place of departed loved ones at cemeteries and temples.


Exporting Japan-made Aging-care products
(Trading Function)

Export Aging-care products which is the most advancing made in Japan through EC platform. Exact marketing action with high performance can be executed in the way to tap into actual trades.

Planning & Sales of advertisement
(AD agency Function)

Mainly utilize SNS for branding. Make the basement to sell products by premium price without any discount from the viewpoint of long-range.

Marketing Direction
(Consulting Function)

Execute the plan we propose by ourselves as the director. It is promised to bring cutting-edge, effective and efficient marketing activities to clients.


Ceremony Mobile Business:

Memorial services utilizing functions of smartphone technology so that the concept of “Anywhere visiting, Anytime praying” can be realized. Placing flowers and maintaining the gravesite and making donations to the family on behalf of those who are living far away. Providing a service where the deceased or their family could have got to know the monk or the preacher or the priest or the rabbi, etc. before dying who ends up to attend his/her funeral ceremony and pray live via video conferencing.


Application Service Provider for registering grave position:

Ceremobi offers a web application for cemetery operators to construct database of the grave locations on their properties. Geographic Information System(GIS) of the cemetery/grave yard could be completed by the simple act of inputting the information of the deceased and a picture of the grave - then assigning it to plots that have already been registered. Should a disaster disturb the graves by chance, the database will become essential to the reconstruction.


Production of grave position map in cemetery:

Ceremobi will produce an illustrated map of cemetery based on high-resolution aerial photography shot by a drone. The cemetery operator will be able to deliver a web map marking the grave of the departed to the family - increasing customer satisfaction. The family can send the URL of the map to relatives and friends of the departrd by email and text message. It will assist first time visitors and encourage future visits by adding ease of use to the cemetery.


Developing next generation of visiting and praying:

●IHAI(mortuary tablet) Live-broadcasting System (Service In: 2020(plan))

Instead of bringing real IHAI, they can show the important event live on the Net to it in home. They can watch and pray to an important event together with his/her departed. For example, they can watch to grandchildren’s piano recital as well as record it in the cloud server.

●Drone Visiting-grave System(Service In: 2021(plan))

Drone fly in front of a grave to transmit movie of grave-visiting on behalf of the requestors. A drone takes off automatically at the time reserved and fly to the grave. It hovers to shoot praying movie and goes back into the hanger. The requestors could watch it live on net with their smartphone.



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